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Free MFA admission for BHCC college students, faculty and staff. The Pozen Community College Access offers free admission to students, faculty and staff with a valid ID from community colleges across the Commonwealth.



The University Membership includes benefits for free museum admission for ALL BET体育官方APP下载 students, faculty and staff (including all special exhibitions), 画廊参观折扣, 免费自助游, free tickets to select public programs and lectures, complimentary participation in the Museum (library) Pass Program for your university's library, and 15% off rental events held at the Museum. Follow the link below for instructions to secure admission tickets online.



The 美国宪法号博物馆 ensures that the stories of the USS Constitution and those who shaped her history are never forgotten, 始终保持相关性, 并激励尽可能多的人.

Very close to the actual USS Constitution, the museum teaches about everything that has to do with the USS Constitution. The museum is located in the Charlestown Navy Yard. To get there from BET体育官方APP下载, follow New Rutherford Avenue toward downtown Boston. 当你到了切尔西街, take a left and follow the Freedom Trail until you get to the Charlestown Navy Yard. 博物馆就在这里.



去图书馆 & 学习公地领取通行证. Passes can only be checked out for one day.


ICA分享反思的乐趣, inspiration, imagination and provocation that contemporary art offers to its audiences. A museum at the intersection of contemporary art and civic life, the ICA has advanced a bold vision for amplifying the artist’s voice and expanding the museum’s role as educator, 孵化器及召集人. 它的展品, performances and educational programs provide access to the breadth and diversity of contemporary art, 艺术家和创作过程, inviting audiences of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the excitement of new art and ideas.



波士顿抒情剧团 offers free admission for BET体育官方APP下载 students, faculty, and staff for all productions in the season. Seat locations will be based on availability. When reserving tickets, please indicate if you have any accessibility requests. 订票请发邮件给Maia 并提及你与BHCC的关系. 每次限购6张.



The 非裔美国人历史博物馆 is New England’s largest museum dedicated to preserving, conserving and interpreting the contributions of African Americans. 在波士顿和楠塔基特, the Museum has preserved two historic sites and two Black Heritage Trails that tell the story of organized Black communities from the Colonial Period through the 19th century. Exhibits, programs and education activities showcase the powerful stories of Black families who worshipped, 教育他们的孩子, 讨论了当时的问题, 产生了伟大的艺术, organized politically and advanced the cause of freedom.

Currently, admission to the Museum is on a timed and ticketed system now with entry at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., and 2 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday.

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The 科学博物馆 features a revolving schedule of temporary exhibits, IMAX films, 和天文馆节目, plus details on more than 700 interactive exhibits. Benefits include free museum admission for BHCC faculty, 员工和学生参观展览厅, 欧姆尼天文馆和4D影院. Follow the link here and enter the unique BHCC MOS Promo Code BHCC21 (this code is case sensitive) to reserve your free admission pass on-line. 在到达时 your BHCC ID must be shown to gain entry – there are no exceptions to this request.

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