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股权,多样性 & 包容

Supporting a welcoming, diverse and vibrant educational community

公平办公室, 多样性 and 包容 at BET体育官方APP下载 helps ensure that all people who work, attend school and use the College campuses are treated with respect and are able to pursue their endeavors without experiencing unlawful discrimination or undue impediments, 障碍或障碍. The Office monitors the implementation of the College's nondiscrimination policies and coordinates educational opportunities and programs open to all. The Office is committed to inclusion, equal opportunity and freedom from sexual harassment.


As part of a broad effort to welcome and affirm diversity at BHCC, 公平办公室, 多样性 and 包容 annually sponsors a wide range of speakers throughout the academic year.




To file a discrimination complaint or grievance, contact 纳霍米·卡莱尔先生., 助理副总裁, 首席股权和合规官, 平权行动官员, 和504/ADA协调员, 新卢瑟福大道250号, 查尔斯顿校区, 房间A307, 波士顿, MA 02129, phone: 617-228-3311; email


For further information and/or to file a complaint/grievance, contact:

Office for 股权,多样性, and 包容
纳霍米·卡莱尔先生., 助理副总裁, 首席股权和合规官, 平权行动官员, 和504/ADA协调员
查尔斯顿校区, A307  |  617-228-3311  |