We are a diverse institution committed to global learning

马萨诸塞州最多元化的学院之一, BET体育官方APP下载 values the worldwide perspective our international students bring to our community and has incorporated this perspective into our courses, 程序, 和活动. The College incorporates multicultural and international perspectives in its courses, 项目和机构氛围.

Approximately sixty-one percent of BHCC students are people of color and more than fifty percent are women. 有 近600 international students who come from approximately 90 countries and speak more than 75 languages, making BHCC one of the most cosmopolitan institutions of higher education in New England. We also provide scholarships for students to travel and study abroad. The college is a member of many international organizations, including the American Council on Intercultural 教育 and NAFSA:国际教育家协会. We encourage all our students to learn more about global issues beyond the international student population.

We have demonstrated our commitment to global learning by establishing our 国际中心

The 国际中心 is the focal point for all international 程序s and services, offering a variety of international and intercultural 程序s as well as a range of practical, 学术, and personal services to our international student population. In addition, BHCC has taken steps to institutionalize internationalization. 一个重点将提供教师, 员工和学生发展知识的机会, 成长和突破学习的界限. Some of this will included these key areas: professional development for faculty and staff curriculum development including international focused events and faculty and staff exchange 程序s. 中心是 awarded the International Intercultural Achievement Award by the American Council for International Intercultural 教育 in recognition of the quality of our international 程序s.


We offer a quality, affordable education for international students. The cost of tuition is approximately $5,200 per 12-credit semester.


Because the average class size at BHCC is only 26 students, faculty are able to devote more individual attention to those students they teach and advise.


学生可以在我们的主校区上课, which is situated in the historic Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, 麻萨诸塞州. 第二个校区位于切尔西附近, 麻萨诸塞州; satellites are located in the communities of Somerville, 东波士顿和波士顿南端. 我们也提供 day, 晚上, and 周末 classes, web-based instruction, and self-paced learning 程序s. Students may combine some of these options to develop a schedule that meets their needs. 我们也提供 international students transfer credit from other colleges, 生活经验的信贷, 许多科目的大学水平考试.


1973年由马萨诸塞州联邦成立, BHCC有超过14名学生,每天有1000名学生, 晚上, 深夜, 午夜, 周末, web-based and distance learning courses and 程序s each semester. 学院提供了许多学习项目 证书和学位课程 that prepare students for successful employment and transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Internationally recognized for the development of individualized and alternative methods of instruction, BHCC is a leader in learning communities and distance learning technologies that enhance and strengthen the learning environment. The College also has extensive course offerings in 英语 as a Second Language and 成人教育. 


Boston is home to more international students than any other city in the world, and we make it easy for you to apply to and attend college here. Our admissions process is easy and our staff is friendly and helpful; our main campus, 距离洛根机场几分钟路程, 是安全的, 明亮的, 容易 可乘坐公共交通工具, and offers reasonably priced student parking; and we offer many flexible learning options, both on-line and at our two campuses and three satellite locations.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to student success and are educators of distinction

BET体育官方APP下载 faculty and staff are competent, 有爱心的, and culturally aware professionals who come from diverse backgrounds, welcome the vitality that international students bring with them into the classroom. Most of our faculty and staff hold masters' degrees; many hold doctoral degrees. They regularly take advantage of professional training opportunities in their fields.


国际学生报告 高满意度 BET体育官方APP下载的经历.

“我鼓励有潜力的学生选择BHCC!  BHCC让我在陌生的城市里不再感到孤独, and gave me support you couldn’t get when your family is abroad.  顾问, professors and faculty members really cared for their student’s success and provided all resources they had! BHCC allowed me to build the important long-term professional and 学术 relationships. I easily transferred 60+ credits and got a scholarship at NEU. 我立刻感受到BHCC的回报!” 

Maria Ivanova, Russia, Associate in Science Biology Transfer Option with High Honors, 2017

BET体育官方APP下载 (BHCC) helps many realize their full potential; it strengthens one even as challenges come by. It makes one yearn for excellence more and more, indeed BHCC is a home to the international students.”

Druscilla Tenisha Namazzi, Uganda, Associate in Science Biotechnology Program 2016